Our experience had shown that contracts must be accurately verified and fully agreed. Well-structured contracts allow avoiding misunderstandings and minimizing risks as well as receiving certain tax and customs benefits.

Synergy Partners has significant experience of working with contracts in trade and commerce, banking and finance, real estate and construction, natural resources and agriculture. We analyze agreements to provide relevant advice and explanations, add necessary changes or make additional agreements & statements.

We have an experience with following types of contracts.

Trade contracts

  • Sale and purchase agreements
  • Delivery contracts
  • Supply agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Freight agreements
  • Freight insurance contracts

Construction and design contracts

  • Construction contracts
  • Turn-key construction contracts
  • Turn-key office design contracts
  • FIDIC contracts
  • Maintenance contracts
  • 3D office design contracts

Banking and finance contracts

  • Loan agreements
  • LMA syndicated loan agreements
  • Co-financing agreements
  • Performance bond
  • Escrow agreements
  • Security agreements
  • Privacy agreements
  • Brokerage services agreements
  • Re-purchase agreements
  • Option agreements
  • Exchange agreements (swap)
  • Corporate subscription agreements
  • Insurance agreements

Service contracts

  • Contracts in consulting, information, investment, brokerage, marketing, auditing, engineering and legal services.

Subsoil use contracts

  • Subsurface use contracts
  • Production sharing agreements (PSA)
  • Joint operating agreements (JOA)
  • Service contracts (drilling)
  • Liability insurance contracts
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Employee lease agreements
  • Equipment rental agreements