Our Values

We are independent professional law firm. We are governed by professional values.


  • Client Interest Priority. We strive to be helpful to our clients. Client interest has priority over our own. However, it does not mean just doing whatever the client asks.
  • Independence. We stay independent and we are private.We are able to disagree, regardless of the popularity of views or their effect on our fees. We stay unbiased in any situation. We rely solely on our own knowledge, vision, understanding and experience. We tell the truth as we see it.
  • Confidentiality. We keep our client information confidential. We don't reveal sensitive information. We don't promote our own good work.

How we work

  • Efficiency. We are focused on results. We deliver the best of our firm to every client to achieve results.
  • Integrity. We act with integrity and candor. We consider tasks and assignments from different points of view, but in a single line of actions, facts, law, and legal theory, business and the commercial expectations of our clients.
  • Time. We promptly respond to requests. We understand that the time factor is important. We aim to be time efficient. However, we take the necessary time to ensure the quality of our work. Our lawyers spend clients’ and our firm’s resources as they would their own.
  • Law and Ethics. We respect the rule of law and professional ethics. We believe that culture and ethics are significant elements of our integrity. This substantially increases the value of our service.