Doing Business: Visa Regime in Kazakhstan

4 July 2016

Visa regime in Kazakshtan

In order to visit Kazakhstan, citizens of most foreign countries will need valid passports and visas. There are currently 48 countries with which Kazakhstan has simple business visa procedures.

Multiple-entry visas require an invitation from an individual or an organization in Kazakhstan. An invitation is not required for single-entry business and tourist visas.

Most visa categories cannot be extended in Kazakhstan. However, business visas can be extended domestically, if the traveler comes to Kazakhstan at the invitation of the Government of Kazakhstan, a diplomatic mission, or an international organization in Kazakhstan.

The fee for issuing visa costs up to US$ 160, depending on the country of residence and type of visa. The processing time is five working days.

At the airports and border posts, Kazakhstani immigration officers provide travelers with a white registration card. Travelers must retain this card throughout their stay in Kazakhstan. Two stamps on the card indicate that the traveler is registered. In case the card contains only one stamp, the business traveler must register with the Migration Police within five days. All registrations are valid for three months, regardless of where they are issued.

Countries whose citizens receive business visas under the simplified procedure

1. Australia
2. The Republic of Austria
3. United States
4. The Kingdom of Belgium
5. United Arab Emirates
6. The Republic of Bulgaria
7. The Federal Republic of Brazil
8. The Federal Republic of Germany
9. The Hellenic Republic
10. The Kingdom of Denmark
11. New Zealand
12. Japan
13. The State of Israel
14. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
15. The Republic of Ireland
16. The Republic of Iceland
17. The Kingdom of Spain
18. The Italian Republic
19. Canada
20. The State of Qatar
21. The Republic of Cyprus
22. The Republic of Korea
23. The Republic of Latvia
24. The Republic of Lithuania

25. The Principality of Liechtenstein
26. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
27. The Republic of Hungary
28. The Federation of Malaysia
29. The Republic of Malta
30. The Principality of Monaco
31. The Kingdom of the Netherlands
32. The Kingdom of Norway
33. The Sultanate of Oman
34. The Republic of Poland
35. The Portuguese Republic
36. Romania
37. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
38. The Republic of Singapore
39. The Slovak Republic
40. The Republic of Slovenia
41. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
42. The Republic of Finland
43. The French Republic
44. The Republic of Croatia
45. Czech Republic
46. The Swiss Confederation
47. The Kingdom of Sweden
48. The Republic of Estonia


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