Contract law: reduction of various risks in contracts

Date: 04 December 2015
Place: Almaty

Seminar description
Seminar on contractual rights regarding the reduction of foreign exchange, tax, commercial and other legal risks in contracts.

Key topics of the seminar:

  • Recent calls on contract law
  • Discussion of measures to minimize the risk of default of the contract
  • Discussion of measures to minimize fiscal risks
  • Discussion of the most effective solutions
  • At the end of the seminar you will learn to:
  • The basic principles of contract law
  • Methodology for the risk assessment
  • Methodology of risk reduction


  • International lawyers
  • project managers
  • Investment Manager
  • Managing Directors
  • Development Manager
  • Investment bankers
  • Tax managers
  • Private investors

For participation in a seminar and workshop on appointment

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