Property Ownership

11 May 2016

The Kazakhstan Constitution provides legal basis for state and private ownership, including private land ownership.
The legal concept of ownership in Kazakhstan is similar to most developed countries. The Civil Code provides all ownership and beneficial rights to tangible and intangible property. The property rights extend to all types of property, like land, securities, shares, intellectual property, money, goods, and complex industrial objects.

Limitations on Land Ownership

The Land Code permits foreign investors to a certain extent to acquire certain interests in land.
Among other staff, Kazakhstan law states interest in land types, such as: right of ownership, right of permanent land use, right of temporary land use and easements.

In general, foreign investors cannot own farm lands, however they may lease them. Foreign citizens and legal entities may own industrial and residential lands.
Protected territories, such as national parks, reserves, and other environmentally sensitive territories cannot be subject to private property.

Land Transfers
The Civil Code and The Land Code prescribe that a legal title on constructions are transferred together with a land plot title.
All land rights (including temporary rights to use the land for a period exceeding one year) should be registered with the Ministry of Justice — through its territorial division close to a land plot. The legal title transferred only after the registration.

Buildings and Apartments
Foreign legal entities may own non-residential buildings.